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Should I rent or Buy?

Does Renting or buying make more sense for you? Find out in this free guide from DeDe Forwood Realtor in Phoenix


It makes more sense to buy a home than to rent one..

Sorry, that’s a trick question. There’s no right or wrong answer to this debate. But I’ve noticed a decent amount of people lately who feel renting a home makes more sense than buying.

While a lot of real estate agents would probably say that, hands down, BUYING makes more sense, I feel like it really depends upon the person and a lot of other factors.

So I created a booklet to help people objectively come to their own conclusion.

If you’re on the fence renting vs. buying (or know someone else who is), you should download a copy of my booklet. It’s free and there’s no obligation! Comment below or DM me and I’ll shoot you a copy.


  • Why you shouldn’t just follow whatever your friends are doing.
  • Why cutting down on your daily lattes (or anything else you love) may not be a smart thing to do to save up for a down payment.
  • How some people get unwillingly and unknowingly “hooked” on renting.
  • What an older person might tell you about buying versus renting…based upon a loaf of bread.
  • Thoughts on the different ways buying or renting will cost you that many people never consider.
  • Bonus: A series of follow-up emails with more thoughtful tips, hints, and resources, only available if you have downloaded the booklet.


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Some just buy a home because they feel it’s “what you’re supposed to do.” They don’t even question whether or not it makes sense for them.

On the other hand, some people don’t buy a home because they feel it’s something they aren’t qualified to do, can’t handle, or have heard other people say it doesn’t make sense to do.

It’s a quick read, and it’s filled with over a dozen thought-provoking topics. It makes sense for you to read this if you:

  • Question the value of owning a home.
  • Have never owned a home.
  • Owned a home, but went back to renting due to past financial issues.
  • Simply want to think through which scenario (owning vs. renting) makes more sense.

If you’d like a free copy of my booklet, just let me know where to send it by entering your information here or commenting below or contacting me.

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And don’t worry…

•  There’s no obligation.
•  I won’t hound you to work with me.
•  It’s totally free (as is my service guiding you to renting a home or purchasing one)
•  I will never share your information with anyone.

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