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25 Simple Tips to Pay Off Debt and get ready to buy a Home in Arizona

Hey there! 🌟 Are you feeling the weight of debt pulling you down? I totally get it! But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! 💪💰

I’ve put together 25 simple tips that can help you start chipping away at that debt you’ve accumulated over the years. And guess what? These tips are for everyone, no matter your financial situation. So, don’t hesitate – grab ’em and let’s get started! 💳💸

Let’s be honest, bad credit can be a real downer. But hey, you’re not alone in this. I’ve been there too, and I surely know the feeling of being stuck in a financial rut. But here’s the thing: having a plan in place can make all the difference! It’s time to stop sweeping those money worries under the rug. 🧹 So, hit that save button right now and take a step toward creating a plan that suits you best. Remember, it’s all about taking small, consistent steps. Little by little, you’ll see progress, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to financial freedom and ready to buy a home. 🔑

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Remember, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and you’ve got the power to turn things around. Saving and paying off debt is not just a dream – it’s a journey you can conquer. Let’s do this!

Getting Debt Free isn’t the End Goal, it’s the beginning of a new goal and a new lifestyle!  One of the most powerful things about getting debt free is that the money you work SO hard for will now be YOURS!  Here are 25 tips/steps to help you Pay off Debt and get ready to buy a home in Arizona and enjoy building your equity!

  1.  Stop/ limit to employer match retirement contributions until your debt is cleared.
  2. Make a list of all your bills/debts/expenses.
  3. Plug them into a written budget or spreadsheet.
  4. Save $2k-5k in cash.
  5. Stop using debt/cards.  PERIOD.
  6. Arrange debt smallest to largest.
  7. Destroy them in that order.
  8. Pay with cash only (have you heard of the envelope system?)
  9. Track EVERY PENNY.
  10. Stop ALL Autopays.
  11. Cancel Subscriptions.
  12. Negotiate with service providers for Lower Rates.
  13. Rewrite your budget Weekly.
  14. Hold a Scheduled Weekly budget meeting with yourself and/or your family.
  15. Cut unnecessary spending and splurges (for now).
  16. Sell some stuff (clearing the clutter while you’re at it).
  17. Get extra work / get a side-hustle.
  18. Set Achievable debt-payoff goals.
  19. Celebrate Each Small WIN.
  20. Save receipts and review spending patterns.
  21. Increase your Financial Literacy.
  22. Avoid restaurants/bars.  Start Meal Planning.
  23. Cultivate contentment.
  24. Invest in a debt elimination course or book.
  25. Get a financial advisor.

When you’re ready, I can connect you with a mortgage lender with the heart of a teacher who will help you go over your income to debt ratio and make sure you’re ready to buy a home that you can afford and that fits your lifestyle.  I don’t want any of my people house poor!

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