Where do YOU Want to Live? How do YOU Want to Live?


Hello, It's DeDe Forwood, Phoenix REALTOR and for me, It's ALL ABOUT YOU! Have you ever gotten a really super-promotional gift from a service provider that's covered in their branding and contact information? Is that gift for you or for them? I'd like to avoid that if I can as I'm the type to give gifts and surprises. So if we're working together (or going to be), if you could take a few moments...

I got sent a MLS Homes List, now what? Getting results from a MLS home search sent to me.

So, You've talked to your agent (hopefully me!) and you've told them the area, price, amenities and must have's/ can't stands. So you get an email with your search results, now what? In this blog and video, I show you what to do with the information when you get home search results. I can send you homes for sale or coming soon all over Maricopa County and part of Pima County. In your Portal, you can...

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