Where do YOU Want to Live? How do YOU Want to Live?


Hello, It’s DeDe Forwood, Phoenix REALTOR and for me, It’s ALL ABOUT YOU!
Have you ever gotten a really super-promotional gift from a service provider that’s covered in their branding and contact information? Is that gift for you or for them? I’d like to avoid that if I can as I’m the type to give gifts and surprises.

So if we’re working together (or going to be), if you could take a few moments and fill out this form for me, it helps me get to know more about you, I like little surprises and this helps me get it right!
Tell me about your family, if you have family members living at home.
Maybe your family members are pets! My family members living at home are pets and they’re very important to me. And yep, if you give me the info, I WILL send your cat🐱 a birthday card!
It’s also about what you like. Do you have certain hobbies? A favorite restaurant or food? Music? Movie? Book Series? TV Show to Binge?
I’m a gift-giver and nothing is worse than showing up with or sending something that isn’t going to delight you.
So help me knock my gift-giving out of the park and fill out my form! DM me and ask for it or Go to https://www.DeDeForwood.com/Me​
Let me knowLet Me Know how I can help you make your Arizona Home Dreams come true. Where do you want to live? How do you want to live?

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