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Embrace the 30-Day Decluttering Challenge for a Fresh Start! January 2024 30-Day Decluttering

Welcome to the new year, Phoenix-Area homeowners! As we kick off another chapter, there’s no better time to refresh and revitalize your living space. I’m starting a 30-day decluttering challenge to help you create a home that sparks joy and tranquility and invite you to join me. A tidy home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to a happier and more organized lifestyle. Let’s dive into the daily decluttering tasks and reclaim the serenity of your living spaces!

Day 1-Breakfast/dining table -Clear off the table and find storage solutions for any miscellaneous items.

Day 2-Kitchen island & Hutch-Go through items still in use, declutter, clean & organize.

Day 3-Mail & Paperwork-Sort through all bills, junk mail, receipts, etc. Trash and shred any unwanted documents.

Day 4-Front Entry Coat closet-Donate and items no longer in use. Find storage solutions for things you want to keep.

Day 5-Purse & Bookbags, Briefcase or Backpacks-Empty out all the trash and remove items you don’t use regularly.

Day 6-Cleaning supplies-Condense, get rid of old products and replace with green cleaning products.

Day 7-Medicine cabinet-Properly dispose of expired or no longer needed medications.

Day 8-Entertainment stand/area-Go through and put various media in proper cases and get rid of old ones.

Day 9-Magazines & Books-Recycle or donate what you no longer need or read.

Day 10-Junk Drawer-Get rid of everything no longer needed. Use plastic containers to organize what’s left.

Day 11-Bathroom Cabinets-Go through all products and only keep what you really use.

Day 12-Toiletries & Makeup-Toss old, expired, cracked items. Only keep what you actually use.

Day 13-Hair Clips, Jewelry & watches-Go through all objects and get rid of anything you no longer wear.

Day 14-Linen Closet-Donate any linens you no longer use that are still in good condition.

Day 15-Bedroom Closet-Sort through all clothing and ask yourself if you’d still buy it today.

Day 16-Underwear/sock drawer-Sort through and make matches. Get rid of old, ratty and odd pieces.

Day 17-Nightstand & Dresser-Clear off top and sort through drawers. Keep only what’s needed.

Day 18-Laundry Room-Toss out old or not in use laundry products. As well as unpaired socks.

Day 19-Office & Desk-File away paperwork, shred unneeded documents, sort supplies and organize.

Day 20-Craft Space-Really evaluate what you need and still use regularly. Donate items to a school.

Day 21-Basement or attic-Use storage totes and reorganize as you go through and declutter.  If you don’t have either, do your shed!

Day 22-Garage/Carport Part I-Go through and toss any items you no longer need or will use.

Day 23-Garage/Carport Part II-Go through and toss any items you no longer need or will use.

Day 24-Automobile-Go through and toss all garbage and put things back in their proper places.

Day 25-Outdoor Porch/Patio-Pick up any trash, pull weeds, sweep debris, toss old damaged decor.

Day 26-Kids Closets or Spare Closets-Remove outgrown items. Donate or store in labeled storage bins.

Day 27-Kids (or Adults) Toy Boxes-Sort through and toss any broken toys. Donate any toys that are no longer played with.

Day 28-Kids or Spare Dressers-Clear off the table and find storage solutions for any miscellaneous items.

Day 29-Additional Rooms-Go through and get rid of unnecessary items. Reorganize & clean.

Day 30-Free for all & Finalize-Catch up on unfinished areas and complete your declutter mission!

10 Questions to Help You Declutter: Alongside the daily tasks, ask yourself these 10 questions to guide your decluttering decisions:

  1. If I were at the store, would I buy this today?
  2. Have I worn or used this in the last year?
  3. When will I actually use this again?
  4. Does this still fit me or my style?
  5. Is this broken or worn out?
  6. Do I have multiples or similar things?
  7. Would I rather get a new version?
  8. Am I only worried about wasting money?
  9. Am I saving this just in case?

Share Your Journey: I’m embarking on this decluttering challenge too! Follow my social media to witness my before-and-after transformations and gain valuable tips along the way. Join the community by posting your progress, using the hashtag #PhoenixDeclutterChallenge. Let’s support each other in creating homes that reflect our best selves.  We’re showing our before/afters in my Private Facebook Group for friends, family, clients and partners.

Conclusion: As we embrace the Phoenix Homeownership 30-Day Decluttering Challenge, remember that a clutter-free space isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about creating an environment that nurtures well-being and positivity. Let the journey to a tidier, more organized home begin, and let’s welcome the new year with open arms and clutter-free spaces!

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