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Phoenix-Area Homeownership 101: Your Post-Purchase Action Plan for a Safe and Secure Haven

Congratulations on Buying your Phoenix-area home! Now that you’ve crossed the threshold into homeownership, it’s time to ensure your sanctuary is not just a house but a safe, secure, and well-maintained haven. Here’s your step-by-step guide on what to do ASAP after you’ve bought your Phoenix home.

1. SAFETY & SECURITY: Your First Priority

  • Change the Locks: Find a local locksmith, change the locks, and note down their contact details for future needs.
  • Reprogram Doorbell and exterior cameras already installed: Ring, blink, etc.  Don’t have them yet, is this something you want/need?
  • Is there a security system installed? Find the monitoring company and continue if you choose.
  • Key Codes and Lockbox: Reset key codes for garages, gates, and install a lockbox with a spare key in a secret location known only to you.
  • Detectors and Lights: Test fire and carbon monoxide detectors (install if needed), check water heater temperature, and ensure motion lights are functioning.
  • Fire Safety: Place a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and on each additional floor.
  • Join Community groups:  Check Facebook, Nextdoor, Neighborhood, etc. for information about your new community.


  • Repairs and Plan: Review your inspection report. List any pending repairs, and things you’ve noticed after the close and strategize a plan to address them promptly (and how to pay for them).

3. MAINTENANCE PLAN: Keep Your Home Happy

Use my handy worksheet or include the following:

  • Dryer and Vent Cleaning: Annually clean out the dryer hose and vent.
  • Water Heater and Fridge: Drain your water heater and clean fridge coils annually.
  • HVAC Maintenance: Change HVAC filters monthly and schedule professional maintenance for spring and fall.
  • Gutter Care: Clean gutters at least twice a year.
  • Pest Control: DIY or contact a professional the moment you see a creepy crawly on your property.
  • Yard and Tree Maintenance: Keep an eye on the Bulk Trash Pickup, schedule to have your Palms, Mesquites, Palo Verdes, etc. trimmed at least once a year.
  • Irrigation:  Keep your system operating to keep your plants alive while not wasting water.

Need a list of Vendors myself and my clients have used?  Reach Out and I’m happy to send over recommendations or join my Facebook Group.

4. HOME & MORTGAGE DOCUMENTS: Organize for Future Peace of Mind

  • Auto-Pay Setup: Set mortgage, HOA (if applicable), and utility bills to auto-pay to prevent late payments.
  • Document Storage: Keep original closing documents and critical papers in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box. Store copies of essential documents for easy access.
  • Save documents for tax time:  You may need your closing statement and moving expenses for next year’s taxes.

5. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Be Ready for Anything

  • Labeling and Locating: Label all circuit breakers and locate emergency shut-offs for water, gas, and electricity.
  • Emergency Supply Kit: Assemble a basic emergency supply kit, including flashlights, batteries, a radio, first-aid supplies, food, water, blankets, warm clothing, and essential contact numbers (plumber, electrician, insurance agent, etc.).
  • Phone List: Create a list of emergency contacts, including plumber, electrician, insurance agent, and utility providers.

Your Phoenix-area home is not just a dwelling; it’s a foundation for memories, dreams and wealth-building (hello home equity!). By taking these proactive steps, you’re ensuring it remains a secure and welcoming space for years to come. For a detailed checklist, comment or DM, and I’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to post-purchase home bliss! 🏡✨ #PhoenixHomeownership #NewBeginnings

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