Where do YOU Want to Live? How do YOU Want to Live?

I love this Town

Downtown Phoenix and HistoricPhoenix Realtor®

Before you break into Toby Keith or Frank Sinatra (depending on which song the title reminded you of), let me tell you a little bit about me:

I didn’t have a choice when I came to Phoenix just before my Freshman year of High School.  I had a choice when I moved back.  This is my town.  This is where I want to be.  The city has a heartbeat.  It’s a big city with pockets that have the small-town feel.  There is the best and the worst of a top 5 urban city.  Food and culture are rising quickly.

My loves are houses, high rises, kitschy antiques, all things geek, letting people know why Phoenix is the best town in the world (insert raspberry and a neener neener so there), dog rescue and volunteering.  I’ll be blogging nearly daily about all.

I’m the techy Realtor®, I love all the toys, drones, riders, virtual tours and 360’s, Facebook lives, dominos, all of it.  I’m also very old-school  There’s a place for the best blend of both worlds.  Someone who can send postcards and door-knock while also popping up on your phone when we’re near each other, going live from an open house while editing images for your splash page and funnel. My marketing plans are very…involved!  LOL!

I’m not just a Realtor®, I’m involved in a love story with this city.  I love showing you pieces and parts of my town in blog posts, social media writing and graphics and my video channels (youtube, IGTV, Facebook Lives, all of it).  I’ll show you homes, I’ll give you up to the day housing and mortgage data.  Follow me and I’ll find you where you want to live, find you fun things to do and hopefully entertain you a bit in the process.



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