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9625 W MOUNTAIN VIEW RD A, Peoria, AZ 85345 Now Available for Rent

This stunning 2+-bedroom/ 2 bath Gemini twin townhome duplex in Peoria, AZ's hidden gem Sun Air Estates is sure to impress. With updates galore and wood-look tile throughout, this home boasts an updated kitchen complete with newer cabinets, granite countertops, recessed lighting, and ample storage. The separate office and family room provide plenty of space for work and relaxation. The 1-car garage...

Renting in the Phoenix-area and Unsure if you should buy?

https://www.youtube.com/shorts/_Zv22BUoDrs Ugh, your landlord just raised the rent hundreds of dollars at lease renewal time. You may be asking yourself "maybe I should look into buying". Here's a list of some benefits home ownership offers compared to continuing to rent. Here's some benefits of buying a home instead of continuing to rent: Tax Breaks! You might get to itemize deductions,...

Avoid These Outdoor Staging Mistakes When Selling Your Phoenix-Area Home

Staging can have a huge impact on your home sale. The right staging can help Arizona buyers picture themselves in your space, which can ultimately help you sell your Phoenix-area home faster. On the other hand, less-than-ideal staging could drive potential buyers away. And that includes how you stage your outdoor spaces. Failing to stage your outdoor space properly could make it harder to sell your...

5 Things Home Buyers Shouldn’t Open, Look In, or Look at When Looking at an Arizona House to Buy

When you’re looking at houses it’s important to take a really good look at every inch of the house you’re going to buy. But there are some things you have no business looking at when you’re looking around a seller’s home. You could probably use common sense to figure out what you shouldn’t be snooping around in by thinking about whether you’d be embarrassed if the owner caught you...

It’s a Great Time to Sell Your Phoenix-AreaHome in This Market—IF You Keep These 3 Things in Mind

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YawaPxpdhlw Some people feel like it’s not a good time to sell their Arizona home right now because they’ve heard that prices are dropping, it’s taking longer to sell, and the number of home sales have drastically dropped. That’s all true in many areas of the Valley of the Sun and price ranges, but it isn’t across the board. A lot depends upon where you live...

Interest Rate Fomo

If You Fear You Missed Out on the Low Mortgage Rates, Here Are Reasons to Be Glad You Did

Some people feel like they missed the opportunity of a lifetime to buy a house when rates were really low over the past couple of years. And with mortgage rates now in the 6-7% range, many buyers feel punished for waiting and regret not buying sooner. Well, if you’ve been feeling that way, it may make you feel better to know that many people who did buy when rates were lower probably wish they could switch places with you. According to this Yahoo article, three-quarters of the people who bought between 2021-2022 have regrets, such as:

7 Unusual (But Not Unreasonable) Reasons to Sell Your House

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to sell your house. Maybe you want a bigger one. Or perhaps you’d rather downsize to something smaller. Moving closer to work is always a solid reason. At least those are some pretty common and basic reasons real estate agents typically hear. Let’s spice things up a bit and get real! Here are 7 unusual reasons to sell your house that are actually pretty reasonable when you think about it!

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