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Social distancing

April things to do in Phoenix while Social Distancing

There's plenty to do online and in-person to keep yourself safe...AND entertained! Here's some ideas: Take an Instagram baking class Get lost in a new Podcast Upgrade your bar game Do a Crossword Puzzle Start a blog Learn a foreign language Write letters to family and friends Clean out your closet Daily Workout Film TikToks Family friendly Dance Party every Week with DJ...

Social Distancing? Use This Time To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Much of the country is practicing social distancing—and doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home. Social distancing at home can be a challenge and limit what you can do with your time. But if you’ve been thinking about putting your property on the market, this offers the perfect opportunity to get your home ready to sell. A recent article from Redfin outlined different...

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