Where do YOU Want to Live? How do YOU Want to Live?

April things to do in Phoenix while Social Distancing

There’s plenty to do online and in-person to keep yourself safe…AND entertained!

Here’s some ideas:

Take an Instagram baking class

Get lost in a new Podcast

Upgrade your bar game

Do a Crossword Puzzle

Start a blog

Learn a foreign language

Write letters to family and friends

Clean out your closet

Daily Workout

Film TikToks

Family friendly Dance Party every Week with DJ Mel

Interview your parents/grandparents

Make your own Pinterest Fail

Digital Safaris DAILY at the Phoenix zoo!

Out of Africa Wildlife Park Keeper Takeovers

Take a virtual tour of Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home, and gain insight on how the masterful architect was inspired by the desert surroundings. Step into this immersive media platform for a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, including rooms, gardens and walkways. True to Wright’s vision, this immersive experience represents a new way for anybody, anywhere to access the work of the master architect and experience his creations.

Did you know you can take 3D, 360 virtual tours of Homes for Sale in Phoenix?

Have any other great ideas I should share?  REACH out and I’ll keep adding to the list!



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