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Avoid These Outdoor Staging Mistakes When Selling Your Phoenix-Area Home

Staging can have a huge impact on your home sale. The right staging can help Arizona buyers picture themselves in your space, which can ultimately help you sell your Phoenix-area home faster. On the other hand, less-than-ideal staging could drive potential buyers away. And that includes how you stage your outdoor spaces. Failing to stage your outdoor space properly could make it harder to sell your...

12 Home staging fails

12 Home Staging Fails So Bad You Have to See Them to Believe Them

When done right, staging is an art that not only shows off a home’s best features but also inspires buyers to make a solid offer. Additionally, it can result in a quicker sale. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Profile of Home Staging, 39 percent of sellers’ agents noted that staging significantly reduced the amount of time a home remained on the...

15 Before & After Photos That Prove the Power of Home Staging

There’s no denying it: Homes that are staged well definitely stand out. Not only does the right amount of decluttering, organizing and accessorizing make your home more attractive, but it can also actually increase its value. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Profile of Home Staging Report, about one-third of buyers’ agents believe their clients are...

Sellers tips for getting your home ready to sell by DeDe Anne Forwood

DeCluttering the Entire House

When we put our home on the market to attract potential buyers, we have only two objectives: to get the house sold quickly and earn the best possible price.  Decluttering is the first step in staging the home for sale so your buyers can picture themselves living in your home without piles of stuff clouding their view.   Before you actually start decluttering to achieve a neat and clean appearance, it...

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