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Tips For Selling Your Home Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips for selling your home SAFELY during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought much of the country to a screeching halt. But, just because people are stuck at home doesn’t mean your home sale has to come to a screeching halt, too. You can sell your home in the midst of this challenging time—as long as you’re safe.

recent article from realtor.com outlined steps homeowners should take to sell their home safely during the COVID-19 crisis, including:

  • Embrace virtual showings. You don’t need a bunch of potential buyers walking in and out of your house; it’s not safe for you or them. Instead, have your real estate agent vet buyers and give them virtual tours of your home.

  • Practice safety measures for in-person showings. If your real estate agent has a buyer who they’ve vetted and is extremely interested in the property, they may want to see your home in person. Before you allow anyone in your home, make sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces to protect potential buyers—and then make sure to do the same after the in-person tour to protect yourself and your family.

  • If possible, close remotely. Many states have remote notaries and many lenders offer fully virtual closings. Do your research and see if you can close your home sale remotely to avoid any unnecessary contact.

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way people buy and sell homes. But with the right safety measures, there’s no reason it has to derail your home sale!

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