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31-Day Declutter Challenge Wallet, Purse or Backpack

31 Day Declutter challenge purge wallet purse or backpack sponsored by DeDe Anne Realtor and Addicted to Clean

Hello, welcome to the Declutter challenge where each day we focus on straightening up and decluttering one area in the house. Join us daily. Today, we are tackling the wallet, purse, backpack or briefcase.

Our Decluttering series is sponsored by @DeDeAnneRealtor and Addicted to Clean. The professional organizers at Addicted to clean give us tips each day to clear the clutter.

Pro Tips:

Tips on de-cluttering a purse, wallet and backpack:
Dump the change purse into a piggy bank.

Purge the receipts and business cards.
Look for expired cards and unused gift cards.
Small bags can be used to place like items together which helps organize and makes it easier to switch bags.
Utilize the different compartments for storage to maximize your space. 
This is a good time to wash or wipe down to disinfect and shine. 
Having an organized purse, wallet and backpack is a good way to make a nice impression and lower your stress level. 

Jessica and Craig Chernick – Addicted to clean LLC

Let’s do this!

I have many receipts and business cards to scan and I have WAY too much change! This is a good one for me. Time to restock things I use like band aids and lens wipes as well.

I love pictures! Feel free to share them #declutterchallenge

Just joining us? Comment here, contact me, or DM me on Instagram or Facebook for a calendar of what we’re doing next.

See you tomorrow?

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