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31-Day Declutter Challenge – Discard old books

Discard old books in today's declutter challenge presented by DeDe Anne Realtor and Addicted to Clean

Are you a keeper?

Some of us have books that we read over and over again. Some books we read once and put it on the shelf…where it sits for years and years.


Some of us read library books and return them (or risk a hefty fine). Some of us buy books, read them and donate them to a local neighborhood little free library. Some donate books after buying them to the library.

Basically, unless it’s a family heirloom or a book you re-read all the time, wouldn’t it be better served in the hands of someone who wants to read it instead of collecting dust in the home? Let’s go through these.


Here’s some tips from the Phoenix-area Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean.com:

Passing along old books is a wonderful gift. It saves people money. It helps the environment by recycling.

It passes along knowledge and knowledge is power.

Now think of the space you are creating by allowing these books to be shared. 

Giving opens up the door for receiving so how will you utilize this new space?

essica and Craig Chernick, Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean LLC

OK, I’m on it. I’m even doing my cookbooks (MAN, do I have a lot of cookbooks!).

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