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31 Day Declutter Challenge

31 day declutter challenge

Who needs resolutions when we can do a challenge! 
Do you need to cut the clutter around your home? How about a 31-day decluttering challenge.

Comment here, use my contact form or DM me for a calendar of our daily projects and join me every day for a video with tips and tricks from the professional organizers at Addicted to clean!

The goal is to spend 15-30 minutes a day clearing the clutter from our homes and lives!

We are starting January 1 and continuing throughout the month. Let’s cut the clutter together. Who is with me? Let’s do this!

Comment here, Contact me or DM me on social media to get a calendar sent to you of each day’s task, check back daily for the newest video and let’s get clutter-free!

join us today for the 31-day Declutter Challenge!

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