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31-Day DeClutter Challenge- Day 1…Junk Drawer

31-Day DeClutter Challenge

We’ve all got one. That one drawer that ends up with everything from bobby pins to markers to that button that fell off to weed whacker string! Well, today is the day to get a handle on that, so…

Welcome to Day 1 of the 31-Day DeClutter Challenge, Day 1…Junk Drawer. Our goal is to use the tips and tricks from the Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean to get our junk drawer organized and clutter-free.

So Here We Go…

Step one-Empty it out. Gotta see what we’re dealing with space-wise. Once empty, it may be time to replace the shelf paper.

Step Two-Figure out what really BELONGS in your iteration of the junk drawer. Is this where you store batteries? Should some things belong in the pantry? at a desk? etc.

Does it need to be called a “junk drawer”? After you’ve decided what belongs in it, maybe the name is office-supplies drawer or multi-purpose drawer. Utility drawer perhaps. Once you’ve settled on a purpose for the drawer, you’re more likely to put things that belong in there in there.

Step 3-get get dividers and containers in place and use labels


  • store batteries vertically to save space and dispose of old ones.
  • Recycle expired coupons. Put good coupons somewhere they can get used (car or wallet)
  • Get rid of buttons. They belong in the laundry room, sewing area or somewhere they could get used.
  • Coins (put in change jar, car, or in a red crate during the holidays, they don’t belong here.
  • Bobby pins go back in the bathroom
  • donate cords or charging cables you don’t use or know what they’re for.
  • push pins can go ON the bulletin board. If you don’t have a bulletin board, do you need pushpins?
  • If you feel the need to keep restaurant condiment packets…put them in a bowl and store them in the fridge with their full-size counterparts. Much less chance of leakage.
  • Do you really need 276 rubber bands in this drawer? 484 paper clips, should you downsize, can some go elsewhere, say a desk?
  • Do all those pens work? dispose of those that don’t. Too many pens? Downsize those too
  • tools in a junk drawer? If you have a bunch, economize…maybe a multi-use device here for quick fixes and the “tool-ier tools” with the big tools?
  • Twist Ties, why? How many do you need? Get rid of them and get some reusable bread bag and bagel clips. you can also use rubber bands as ties. Cable ties as well.
  • screws? you’re not going to specifically go get a screw in there, so put them where your regular tools and hardware are.
  • Matches and lighters oh my…you only need one and perhaps a backup. This is not a place for your matchbox collection.

Pro Tips from Professional Organizer Jessica at Addicted to Clean:

  • Put the items that don’t belong in the drawer away. Tools with tools, planting with planting.
  • This may be a good time to think about a key hanger too.
  • Little drawer dividers help keep like items together. 
    • You can use plastic bins of any type as long as they fit without a lid so it is easy to see.
  • If you have more than two of anything you may want to have a donation bin to toss the extra into.
  • Have a place in mind that you would like to schedule a pick up with at the end of your 31-day challenge.
  • Talk to your tax specialist on the best way to track your donations.

“We look forward to working with you through this challenge.  You are going to be so satisfied with your work when its all done and remember to enjoy the journey along the way! “

Jessica at Addicted to Clean

Got any great “junk drawer” tips? Share them in the comments or Contact me.

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