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Phoenix Hot Spot of the week….Dark Hall Coffee

Dark Hall Coffee

This week’s DeDe Forwood Realtor Phoenix hot spot is Dark Hall Coffee! I love this place so much because this place has it all! It’s Vegan, has a goth vibe, colorful drinks, tasty baked goods, nice staff. You walk up and feel kind of an edgy vibe. The food and drinks are equally as edgy!

Their expresso is wonderful, their latte’s are works of art, I had no idea how much I like oat milk (homemade along with their cashew milk)!

As far as the baked goods, their vegan buttercream may be the best I’ve ever had! Their cinnamon rolls (weekends only) are amazing! Basically, I’ve never had anything I didn’t like out of the pastry case. they have this bundt cake that’s to die for! Any of their cakes in fact are out of this world! The macaroons are cute and tasty!

Cold drinks, have you tried the mulberry lemonade yet? OMG! The Mango cold brew is my new favorite
Have you ever been here before? What was your favorite Thing?

It’s on 7th Ave & Osborn (behind Mi Patio), don’t forget to check out the COOL mural! I think they’re open 7-3 most days.

The place is small, probably seats 20 between inside and out, so it isn’t a good place to hang out or do work in, but it’s definitely worth dropping by. Thanks Dark Hall Coffee for being my Hot Spot of the week! Enjoy!

For more info about Dark Hall Coffee, check out their Social Media!!

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