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31-Day Declutter Challenge Day 7 Purge 2 kitchen cabinets

31 Day Declutter Challenge Purge Kitchen Cabinets DeDe Forwood Phoenix Real Estate Agent Addicted to Clean

Here we are at Day 7 of the Declutter Challenge, we’re going to purge 2 kitchen cabinets!
Ready for today’s pro tips from the Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean, LLC:

Tips on purging two kitchen cabinets 

There are 3 days of purging kitchen cabinets in this 31 day challenge so break up your kitchen in 3 sections.

Start on top and work your way down. Only attempt your 1st section of choice. 

This is a good time to disinfect your shelves as you go.

If baskets would help better organize this is a good excuse to go shopping.

Label as you go for easier retrieveal.

Look at dates to toss expired foods and seasoning. Maybe even donate foods that your family just doesn’t want to eat. 

Enjoy this experience your one fourth of the way done. 

Jessica and Craig Chernick – Addicted to Clean

Let’s Do this!

So, there you have it. Let’s get purging! I’m ready for this one!

Are you Overwhelmed? Need professional help with your organization? Contact Addicted to Clean for a consultation via their website or Social Media.

Just joining us in the 31-Day Declutter Challenge? Welcome! We’re doing one area in the house a day the whole month of January. It’s easy to catch up! Just join us here or on social media each day for tips and tricks to help you spend 15-30 minutes each day cutting the clutter in a certain area.

Show me those pictures!

Are you feeling proud of what you’re accomplishing in this challenge? I’d love to see it! Contact me the ways below.

Get Started! Join the fun!

Want a calendar of what we’re focusing on each day? Comment here, contact me, DM me on social Media or Download here.

See you tomorrow! We’re doing books. Let’s clear the clutter!

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