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Clearing the mail – 31 Day Declutter Challenge

31 Day Declutter Challenge Mail Pile DeDe Anne Realtor Addicted to Clean

Welcome to Day 6 of the Declutter challenge! Today, we’re tackling the mail! So many of the things that used to get mailed to us are emailed now, so many people don’t tackle their mail until they have a pile…most junk. But we must be careful as much of this needs to be shredded.

Are you ready to tackle today’s challenge? Here are today’s pro-tips from the Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean:

Tips on Dealing with Mail:

Start with recycling; tear up Ads and credit card offers and toss in the recycle bin. Shred the identifying part. 

If you are behind on your shredding and plan on having a fire soon, that’s a good time to catch up.

If you have multiple people receiving mail, create a file station in the kitchen or near the door with names displayed for easy file and retrieval. 

Bills to pay now, file and shred are a pile tip for sorting if you are behind. Once you get caught up, try to keep to your improved system until it becomes a habit. You can do it 🙂

Jessica and Craig Chernick, Professional Organizers-Addicted to Clean LLC – Phoenix, AZ

So, there you have it. Let’s get shredding! I’m ready for this one!

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Just joining us in the 31-Day Declutter Challenge? Welcome! We’re doing one area in the house a day the whole month of January. It’s easy to catch up! Just join us here or on social media each day for tips and tricks to help you spend 15-30 minutes each day cutting the clutter in a certain area.

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See you tomorrow! Let’s clear the clutter!

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