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31 Day Declutter Challenge

31 Day Declutter challenge sock Drawer Day DeDe Anne Realtor presented by Addicted to Clean

31 Day Declutter Challenge – Sock Drawer

Hello, and welcome to the 31-Day Declutter challenge. Each day we pick one small portion of the house and clear the clutter. Today, we're tackling the sock drawer. Personally, I have singles in there, I have tights in there that should be made into rags/ gotten rid of. I'm excited about today. Pro-Tips This Challenge is sponsored by DeDe Anne Forwood Phoenix Realtor and the Phoenix-area...

Under the bed

31-Day Declutter Challenge – Under the Bed…

The doorbell rings and company is here....some of us do a furious run around the home tucking stuff away so the home looks more presentable. One of the places that ends up with this stuff is...under the bed. via GIPHY It's not just for winter storage any more! In preparation for today, I pulled everything out from under the bed and had half a dog toy, one flip flop and 1 earring amongst the...

31 Day Declutter Challenge Purge Kitchen Cabinets DeDe Forwood Phoenix Real Estate Agent Addicted to Clean

31-Day Declutter Challenge Day 7 Purge 2 kitchen cabinets

Here we are at Day 7 of the Declutter Challenge, we're going to purge 2 kitchen cabinets! Ready for today's pro tips from the Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean, LLC: Tips on purging two kitchen cabinets  There are 3 days of purging kitchen cabinets in this 31 day challenge so break up your kitchen in 3 sections. Start on top and work your way down. Only attempt your 1st section...

Declutter challenge Day 5- coffee table. Declutter challenge by DeDe Anne Realtor and Adicted to Clean

Coffee Table- 31 Day DeClutter Challenge- Day 5

31-Day Declutter Challenge- Day 5 Coffee table...Some coffee tables/ sofa tables have a sclupture and 2 art books on them. Some are a little more clutter. Others still are so covered, you can't see table! So today (Day 5), we're tackling the coffee table (or sofa table, side tables, TV desk or entry table, wherever you need it). Are you ready to get started? Here are some great pro tips from the...

31-Day DeClutter Challenge

31-Day DeClutter Challenge- Day 1…Junk Drawer

We've all got one. That one drawer that ends up with everything from bobby pins to markers to that button that fell off to weed whacker string! Well, today is the day to get a handle on that, so... Welcome to Day 1 of the 31-Day DeClutter Challenge, Day 1...Junk Drawer. Our goal is to use the tips and tricks from the Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean to get our junk drawer organized and...

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