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Music and Movie Collection – 31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 4 Music and Movies

Music and Movies. This is a really tough one. I’ve spent DECADES collecting music and movies. But, like most people, I listen to a lot of streaming music, podcasts and audiobooks. It is time to purge the music, but they’ve been there for SO LONG, yet it’s probably been several months since I’ve put a CD in the player and listened to it.

And the movies…most are available for streaming and I’ve bought many of them as digital movies. This is just a really tough day for me and I’m trying to figure out why. It feels like purging my 20’s. How about you?

Well, I’ve decided to set a number. I’ve decided to keep 100 CD’s and 50 movies. These can fit nicely into a small cabinet.

Here’s Today’s Music and Movie Collection tips from the Professional Organizers Jessica and Craig Chernick at Addicted to Clean:

Collecting items can bring great joy but it only makes sense if you can get to them and enjoy them. If they’re boxed up and stored away you are not enjoying them.

It may be on your list to burn your collection to cds, download to your computer and external hard drive to minimize the space this collection is taking up in the home.

You may just want to buy some bins or baskets to better display your collection.  Shelves or display cases may be also be your choice. Keep like styles together.

Always remember to let go of items that you no longer love. Someone else may really appreciate your donation.

Now that you revisited your collection you may want to plan a evening with some friends or family to enjoy your collection with a meal or cocktails and snacks.

Jessica and Craig Chernick, Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean

Too much for you and live in the Phoenix area?  Addicted to clean can Declutter and organize that FOR You.  Contact them for more info.

Ok, so let’s do this!  I’m tired of dusting these items that I don’t use and enjoy.  There’s boxes piled up and someone else can enjoy them.  Post before and or after pictures, I love to see them!

Ready to join the challenge?  Great, come here daily for the day’s task.  Want a calendar of what we’re doing next?  Comment here, Contact my website , DM me on Instagram, Message me on Facebook, pin it or Download it.

See you tomorrow!

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