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Clothes Closets- 31-Day Declutter Challenge- Day 3

Purge Clothes Closet

Welcome to a big one in my personal declutter challenge…the clothes closet! I’ve been working for a while on the turn the hanger one direction if you’ve worn it, so I do understand what I truly haven’t worn in a year.

Here are today’s purging the clothes closet tips from the Professional Organizers over at Addicted to Clean

  • When purging a clothes closet it helps to remove everything from it.
  • Its a good time to wipe down the shelves, baseboards and sweep the floor.  
  • Do you need a shelf or a few bins to hold accessories?
  • If you have drawers think about maximizing your fold.
  • A folding board helps keep your stacks uniform in size on your shelves. 
  • If the items no longer fit have stains or holes let them go.
  • If they are in good condition take a second to appreciate what they did for you and allow someone else to experience them in their life.
  • That dress suit may help someone get that better job. 
  • Remember have fun and ask a friend or love one to help with the folding or cleaning if you feel overwhelmed. 
  • Its going to look so nice when you’r done and easier to find that perfect outfit. 

Remember, if the job’s too big to do yourself, and you’re in the Phoenix Area, don’t forget to conthact Jessica and Craig at Addicted to Clean for a personal session.

Let’s get started! I’ve got my repair bin, my donate bin and my hang up bin ready to go.

Just joining us? Welcome aboard! Join us each day for one thing we’re working on that day. Want a calendar of what we’re doing next? Comment here, DM me or download it!

See you tomorrow!

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