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Coffee Table- 31 Day DeClutter Challenge- Day 5

Coffee Table- 31 Day DeClutter Challenge- Day 5

31-Day Declutter Challenge- Day 5 Coffee table…Some coffee tables/ sofa tables have a sclupture and 2 art books on them. Some are a little more clutter. Others still are so covered, you can’t see table!

So today (Day 5), we’re tackling the coffee table (or sofa table, side tables, TV desk or entry table, wherever you need it). Are you ready to get started?

Here are some great pro tips from the Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean LLC in Phoenix:

Take everything off and give it a good cleaning and shine from top to bottom. 

This is a perfect time to do some surface repair if needed or buy coasters to help prevent damage.

Try to keep no more than three items on top. If there is space for storage beneath, try to organize like items together and remove items that don’t belong. 

Now sit back and enjoy your spruced up coffee table.

Jessica and Craig Chernick- Addicted to Clean LLC

If it’s too much for you, you can always bring in the pros to organize and declutter for you. Contact Addicted to clean via website or social media.

Ok, I’m ready. Let’s get started. 3 things you say? I have that many remote controls! LOL! This is a big one for me. I’m one of the “can’t see the table” people. Lots to put away.

Show me your pictures, I’d love to see how you’re doing in the challenge! Want a calendar of what we’re doing next? Comment here, contact me via my website or my facebook, instagram , pinterest
or Download here.

See you tomorrow! Up next is mail day!


DeDe Forwood

My name is DeDe Forwood, I am a Phoenix Real Estate Agent with HomeSmart. I traveled for 20 years in the entertainment industry as a Project Manager/ video engineer in major event operations.. After being on the road for so long, becoming a Phoenix Realtor® seemed like the perfect fit for my experience, attention to detail, love of helping people, and my passion for Phoenix! My background in project management and event operations is actually an amazing fit with Phoenix real estate. I'm someone who is both organized AND passionate about all things buying and selling homes in Phoenix.  My area of expertise is the Phoenix historic neighborhood districts, midtown, downtown and the central corridor. LISTING WITH ME, you get the passion of someone who is all about the digital age in real estate. With the tech-savvy experience of a digital marketer,  I offer my clients the cutting edge of technology that changes constantly, attention to detail, professionalism, fairness, honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm. BUYING WITH ME as your buyer's agent, you get every digital advantage to find listings quickly, the energy to go see them quickly. I've got the passion that only a customer service nerd can have, a love of all things real estate in Phoenix, the project management, and engineer's brain, and the tech-savvy-ness of a digital marketer.  Let's get you HOME!!

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