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Selling Your Home in the Valley of the Sun: Don’t Overlook These 10 Cleaning Musts

We all have our own comfort zones when it comes to home cleanliness, and that’s perfectly fine—unless you’re selling your house. While it’s true that most of us may not have the time to maintain a spotless home year-round, preparing your house for sale demands an extra level of attention to detail. Neglecting certain areas can leave a less-than-ideal impression on potential buyers.

As your trusted Phoenix-area real estate expert, I’m here to guide you through the selling process and help you stand out in the competitive market. To make sure your home is in its best shape, let’s dive into the 10 often-overlooked cleaning tasks that can make all the difference:

    1. 1) Baseboards


      Whoever originally decided baseboards should usually be white wasn’t thinking! These things are magnets for dust and dirt, yet they often don’t get the love and attention a floor or rug does when a room gets vacuumed.

      2) Ceiling Fans


      You’d think a ceiling fan would be self-cleaning, right? How does the dust stick to it when it’s whirling around like that?

      Pro tip: Make sure you turn the fan off before cleaning it…

      3) Windows


      Remember: windows have two sides, and if you don’t clean them from the inside of the house and the outside, you might as well not do it at all. And no, that is not permission to just avoid doing it.

      4) Window Tracks


      It’s not like every buyer will open every single window in your house, but there’s always a chance that a serious buyer will open a window or two. Unfortunately, there’s no guessing which two windows it’ll be, so make sure you clean the window sills and tracks of every window.

      5) Blinds and Curtains


      Let’s be honest, blinds are annoying to clean even with those fancy gadgets they sell made specifically for sliding through a bunch of the slats at one time. But it beats having a buyer judging your house (and you!) poorly when they take a peek out of your window to get a glimpse of your yard.

      6) Switch Plates


      You get so used to where your light switches are when you live in a house that you probably never even look when you slap the lights on. But buyers and their agents love to turn on every single light in the house when they come for a showing, so there’s a good chance they’ll be looking more closely at every single lightswitch as they’re trying to figure out which light it turns on.

      7) Underneath Furniture


      Are buyers going to rearrange your furniture and lift up your sofa? Probably not, but they might still notice the layer of dust, pet hair, and crumbs you might not notice peeking out from under chairs and tables.

      8) Vents


      These are like close cousins to ceiling fans. How does something that’s constantly blowing air in or out of a room collect so much dust?

      9) Cabinet Interiors


      Don’t let those plates and mugs fool you! Dust, dirt, and cobwebs collect on the shelves even in the cabinets you use on a daily basis.

      10) Appliances


      If your appliances don’t look clean on the outside, buyers are definitely going to wonder how dirty they are on the inside!

When it comes to selling your home in the Valley of the Sun, presentation matters. To make a lasting impression on potential buyers, reach out to me for expert guidance. I’m here to ensure that your home is not only priced right but also presented in its best light, making your selling experience as smooth as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact me for personalized support on your real estate journey. Your perfect buyer may be just around the corner!

Want some more tips and trick regarding getting your home ready to sell?  Download my Free Preparing your home for Sale Guide!  No hassle, I won’t bother you, just want to help!

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