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31 Day Declutter Challenge Declutter

31 Day Declutter Challenge Mail Pile DeDe Anne Realtor Addicted to Clean

Clearing the mail – 31 Day Declutter Challenge

Welcome to Day 6 of the Declutter challenge! Today, we're tackling the mail! So many of the things that used to get mailed to us are emailed now, so many people don't tackle their mail until they have a pile...most junk. But we must be careful as much of this needs to be shredded. Are you ready to tackle today's challenge? Here are today's pro-tips from the Professional Organizers at Addicted to...

Day 2 31 Day Declutter CHallenge Hall closet

Day 2 of the 31-Day Declutter Challenge – Hall Closet

Welcome to Day 2 of DeDe Anne Realtor's 31-day declutter challenge! Today we're tackling the hall closet! Ready to take the challenge and clear the clutter? Here are some pro tips from Phoenix-Area Professional Organizers Jessica and Craig at Addicted to Clean: Take everything out and have a table where you can refold towels and linen.Placing a basket sideways and rolling your towels and placing...

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