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31 Day Declutter Challenge – Sock Drawer

31 Day Declutter challenge sock Drawer Day DeDe Anne Realtor presented by Addicted to Clean

Hello, and welcome to the 31-Day Declutter challenge. Each day we pick one small portion of the house and clear the clutter. Today, we’re tackling the sock drawer.

Personally, I have singles in there, I have tights in there that should be made into rags/ gotten rid of. I’m excited about today.


This Challenge is sponsored by DeDe Anne Forwood Phoenix Realtor and the Phoenix-area Professional Organizers at Addicted to Clean LLC. Here are today’s tips on clearing the clutter in the Sock Drawer:

If you don’t have a mismatched sock basket this is the time to make one.

If you have one this is the time to sort it out.

If your laundry is complete and you still have mismatched socks toss them out.

If you have socks that have holes in them either mend them now or toss them too.

Wipe down your drawer and add a new scent sachet.

Now your retrieveal is not going to add stress to your day. 

Jessica and Craig Chernick – Professional Organizers – Addicted to Clean

Done? I am

I can’t believe how many socks I had with holes in them! I also have a few singles, so I can now fill up my “Clean, Single and looking for Mate” sign:

If decluttering is too much for you and you’re in the Phoenix-area, contact Addicted to clean for a consult or some more in-depth tips and tricks.

Show me your results! I love seeing before and afters. Post them here, send them to my Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest!

Just joining us? Welcome! Feel free to contact me, comment here or DM me on Social Media to get a copy of our calendar and follow along with what we’re decluttering daily!

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