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June 2019 Midtown and Downtown Phoenix numbers…

June 2019 Midtown/Downtown Phoenix Market Summary🌡️Is the zip code you’re interested in not here? Reach out for your very own slide! ⠀

In 85003, median sale price of $465,000 (June 2018 $450k), median days on market 84 (June 2018 61), Active listings 55 (June 2018 63), Sold listings 13 (June 2018 17).

In 85004, median sale price of $318,000 (June 2018 $276,495), median days on market 135 (June 2018 119), Active listings 35 (June 2018 46), Sold listings 13 (June 2018 14), pending 6 (June 2018 18).⠀

In 85006, median sale price of $291,450 (June 2018 $310,000), median days on market 55 (June 2018 43), Active listings 67 (June 2018 71), Sold listings 16 (June 2018 15), pending 12 (June 2018 22). ⠀

In 85007, median sale price of $410k (June 2018 $369,900 ), median days on market 31 (May 2018 69), Active listings 41 (June 2018 45), Sold listings 11 (June 2018 15), pending 10(June 2018 11). ⠀

In 85008, median sale price of $259,000 (June 2018 $235,000), median days on market 41 (June 2018 37), Active listings 90 (June 2018 94), Sold listings 53 (June 2018 49), pending 39 (June 2018 52).

In 85034, median sale price of $239,900 (June 2018 $240,100), median days on market 97 (June 2018 54), Active listings 4 (June 2018 4), Sold listings 4 (June 2018 5), pending 1 (June 2018 4). ⠀

In 85040, median sale price of $199,575 (June 2018 $194,000), median days on market 20 (June 2018 16), Active listings 51 (June 2018 57), Sold listings 56 (June 2018 33), pending 34 (June 2018 47). ⠀

What does this all mean? What is happening is varying greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood. It’s imperative to find an agent well-versed in particular neighborhoods for the conversation. These are the neighborhoods I concentrate on. I follow sales, listings, small businesses, big businesses, restaurants, trends, permits, ground breaking and plans. ⠀

June 2019 85003
June 2019 85003 DeDe Forwood

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DeDe Forwood

My name is DeDe Forwood, I am a Phoenix Real Estate Agent with HomeSmart. I traveled for 20 years in the entertainment industry as a Project Manager. After being on the road for so long, becoming a Phoenix Realtor® seemed like the perfect fit for my experience, attention to detail, love of helping people, and my passion for Phoenix! So here I am! I did a 180 on my career path.  My background in project management is actually an amazing fit with Phoenix real estate. I'm someone who is both organized AND passionate about all things buying and selling homes in Phoenix.  My area of expertise is the Phoenix historic neighborhood districts, midtown, downtown and the central corridor. LISTING WITH ME, you get the passion of someone who is all about the digital age in real estate. With the tech-savvy experience of a digital marketer,  I offer my clients the cutting edge of technology that changes constantly, attention to detail, professionalism, fairness, honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm. BUYING WITH ME as your buyer's agent, you get every digital advantage to find listings quickly, the energy to go see them quickly. LOOKING TO RENT A PROPERTY?  Let me search for you! We can find the perfect place, together! I've got the passion that only a customer service nerd can have, a love of all things real estate in Phoenix, the project management, and engineer's brain, and the tech-savvy-ness of a digital marketer.  Let's get you HOME!!

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